My animation was Nominated to win the Games for Change Challenge!

2014-07-08 23:05:26 by Hypergon702

Hey everyone! I just want to let you guys know my animation 'Planet Nutria' was nominated to win the Games for Change Challenge. . Only 9 teams were nominated out of 96 teams around the world. Unfortunately however I did not end up winning :( .

I'm not sure what to do next... Maybe I'll make a comic. Or maybe I'll just focus on making a portfolio/website and getting my dream job as an animator or character designer. As long as I continue to be persistent and passionate, I have faith I will find a place in the animation/game industry eventually...



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2014-07-09 09:05:03

It was sad that you did not win the competition, but your concept of the animation is still really good and fun and exciting to watch in way. I hope you can still continue the story of your animation either through comics or finding a animation/game industry or by animating it yourself. Nor matter how you do it, good luck to you and hope you find success in your work. I will surely support your work if you started posting. Good luck. :D